Cyber Security Risk Assessment



The trend towards ever-increasing networking of everyday devices with each other and with other networks also increases the risk of targeted cyber attacks. This problem is particularly evident in the area of embedded systems in which cyber security has played a subordinate role so far.
At the same time, the increasing networking of vehicles requires a high degree of security to protect users from cyber threats. In order to meet this challenge cyber security methods and concepts need to be integrated at the earliest stages of project management.







In the course of a risk analysis potential threats to the system are examined in terms of severity level of the impact and the probability of their occurrence. The fragilities and vulnerabilities of the system are evaluated, possible attack vectors or methods of the aggressors are determined and the respective risk is assessed for each threat. These risks need to be minimized through technical and organizational measures. Since resources of embedded systems are limited protective measures need to be carefully considered and coordinated. Threats need to be prioritized and the highest risks for the system identified. This analysis will determine which risks have to be minimized as well as which protective measures are to be applied in order to ensure efficient and targeted use of the available resources.