Meet three of our colleagues 

SergejsDr. Sergejs Rogovs is one of our Consultants. He is specialized on Systems Security Engineering. In Munich, he completed his PhD in Technical Mathematics with honors. Furthermore, he has also completed a Master of Science degree in Mathematics in Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich as well as another Master of Science degree in Mathematics at the University of Riga.
In practice, he has analyzed and modeled complex systems. Sergejs is an allrounder and also guides us through internal trainings.
He is linguistically talented and speaks German and English fluently in addition to his native tongues Russian and Latvian.

"There are daily news about hacker attacks on private persons, companies or even governments. Any company can be affected at any time. This is why cyber security is such an essential topic. Due to the risen use of connected devices like vehicles, smartphones, language assistants and other devices, it is even more important to deal with this issue. We combine passion for future-oriented, complex technologies with academic excellence and help companies on their way towards cyber security."



VeronikaVeronika Hollerith is our specialist for Quality Management at CYRES Consulting. She is a DEKRA-certified quality and energy manager and promotes the preparations for the certification under ISO9001 and TiSAX. Veronika has completed her Master degree in Environmental Ethics at the University of Augsburg and her Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

"At CYRES Consulting, we combine extensive experience in the range of embedded systems with innovative and complex methods for cyber security. Forward-looking ideas like autonomous driving will involve innovation and risks at the same time. In order to exclude the risks it is important to carry out an extensive and preventive risk analysis. Our 360 degree quality management is the basis for our project consulting to assure our clients a reliable risk assessment."





Ruslan Zabrodin is an Associate in our team. He has successfully completed the Master degree in Computer Science. During his studies, he discovered his passion for computer science and cyber security. After graduating, he worked as software developer at a Munich-based startup. His key topics are the drafts and implementations of complex algorithms in the range of virtual reality. Ruslan is fluent in German and English. His native language is Russian.

"CYRES Consulting is a young enterprise that provides a pleasant working condition. The attractive workplaces are very modern and technically equipped according to the highest standards. A team-oriented atmosphere is one of the most important aspects for our company. Besides, I can literally see how the company develops because of my contribution - that is why I feel valued and respected. We meet our clients as partners and use our competences for the best results. We regard ourselves as problem solvers and we will always be able to flexibly react to the dynamic market of cyber security."